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Rich and RobustSoftware Application Development - Rich User Experiences

Ultra-rich, Ultra-thin, and Ultra-flexible; with Accelerator you have your choice of clients and platforms.

Accelerator enables multiple user experiences that can easily be reused by multiple devices and clients.

You can seamlessly integrate with IBM i any of the following user interfaces:

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
The most robust client available today; more power than the old client/server technologies with none of the hassles. WPF is a phenomenal technology for your user interfaces and the preferred choice to write mission critical applications.

Silverlight - a Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology that operates as a browser plug-in and is a favorite of developers to build rich “reach” applications that service business partners and international users, for both modernization projects and new development.

HTML5 – the latest and greatest version of HTML is a great choice for a universal client. The Accelerator HTML5 client enables maximum flexibility for the desktop and for mobility.

Accelerator’s ultra-thin client enables you to interchange all of the above - maximizing reuse and minimizing rewrite.

Windows and IBM Platform Software Development

Surround Technologies Accelerator Development Tool

Accelerator can easily mix and match platform, business rules, components and logic – to seamlessly integrate any modernization or new development project.

Surround Technologies has a long history of creating a synergy between Windows and
IBM i (iSeries, AS/400, System i, IBM I), maximizing the strengths of both. Now with Accelerator for IBM i the integration is unparalleled.

Windows WPF platform integration

Accelerator™ for IBM i Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

The combination of Accelerator and WPF provides a unified framework for building applications and high-fidelity experiences in Windows that exploits the full power of the Windows: IBM .NET Graphic User Interface

  • Rich application user interface
  • Tight integration with desktop productivity tools like Microsoft Office
  • Rich media content & documents integration
  • Speedy multi-tasking ability
  • Quick response times, even with remote servers
  • Easy, error-free deployments

The image to the right shows the Accelerator Visualization Framework that allows you to integrate images and data rapidly. Enabled by Accelerator’s powerful services oriented architecture, the Visualization Framework takes advantage of rich data capabilities to drilldown, search, repurpose and reuse.

Silverlight Architecture Software Development

IBM .NET Mobility with SilverlightAccelerator™ for IBM i Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is the fastest growing RIA platform, enabling:

  • Highly interactive web experience with excellent performance
  • Enriched user experiences
  • Reduced reliance on network/server communications
  • Security ability to negotiate trusted and untrusted networks

Accelerator for IBM i Silverlight enables you to develop state-of-the-art user experiences for new software applications or modernizing legacy applications in the latest and greatest RIA technology. With faster performance and a richer user experience you will find it difficult to believe you are on the World Wide Web.

HTML5 for Mobile Software Development

IBM .NET Mobility

Accelerator™ for IBM i HTML5

The next incremental step in the maturation of the web, HTML5 standardizes many rich XHTML features. Accelerator helps to maximize HTML5 capabilities for yet another user experience tool in your arsenal of technology.

HTML5 with ASP.NET maximizes you choice of clients and browsers. It can be used in conjunction with WPF and Silverlight; or it can be the single choice client for your mission-critical application.


IBM .NET Mobility Rich Interface

Blurring the Boundaries

Internet applications that act like Client applications
Client applications that are also Internet Applications

Accelerator utilizes architecture in a way to produce ultra-thin client user interfaces, and leveraging the internet delivery and security to be able to incorporate multiple RIA’s for desktop and browser clients. Because of the extreme reuse technology, Accelerator can blur the lines of traditional thinking over the difference between the desktop, the browser, and the mobile client.